Boat trips from Railay Beach (10.6 km)

This area is best visited by sea and boat trips of all shapes and sizes go from Railay Beach.

Rock Climbing - Railay Beach (10.6 km)

Railay is quite possibly one of the world’s best climbing spots, with routes for all levels and stunning vistas.

Phra Nang Cave (10.8 km)

Hop on a boat to Railay to reach this shimmering cave, filled with stalactites and an impressive phallus shrine


Nature Paradise
1. Khao Kanab Nam is the name of twin, 100-meter-high hills that decorate the banks of the Krabi River - a landmark of Krabi town. A long tail boat will give you to Rai Lay Beach, Koh Klang local community with seafood restaurants and also an intimate tour of the lush natural scenery, including caves with stalagmites and stalaclites where large amounts of skeletons had once been discovered.

2. Wat Tum Ser (Tiger Temple) (4 km): A famous Buddhist temple in Krabi town which was built in a big cave and mountain. The temple was nicely decorated with lots of Buddha images, Big Kuan-Im Angel and Pagodas.

2. The Splitting Sea:  Amidst the deep Andaman Sea, around 5-7 days before and after the night of the full moon, sea levels would retreat to expose a "splitting sea"- a stretch of white sand that links to islands, giving one the illusion of looking at three islands.

3. The salt water hotsprings attract both Thais and foriegners, for its acclaimed therapeutic benefits that is believed to treat diabetes, joint aches, rash, and mor. It even features a separate mud pool used specifically for facial treatment.

4. The emerald Pool is born from warm spring water from the lowlands of the south which flows fromthe waterfalls. its name draws from the emerald-green color of waters, which is especially apparent during summer morning.

5. Tha Pom Khlong Song Nam: This great 700 m hiking route that allows oneself to immerse in pristine nature is a wooden bridge that blens into foilage and mangrove forests.

6. The Kalok cave: Located in Leuk Bay, the cave is a limestone hill surrounded with mangrove forests. the cave wals have been carved out with ancient hierographics featuring people and and animals, with the cave floor covered with layers of seashaells.

7. Wat Klong Thom Museum: the museum boasts a wide array of ancient artifacts unearthed from a small hill behind a temple where stone-age tools and accessories made of ston and clay were found, including beads dating 5,00 years back.

8. Fossil shell beach: The ancient shell fossil from 400 million years ago. It is only 1 in 3 sites in the world.






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